About me

Re-Vitability was founded on my desire for life enabling vitality in my own life.  The dream of having a healthy body image along with a balanced life, lead me to look into reflexology which I studied in 2004 at the London School of Reflexology under Louise Keet and the benefits on my emotional body as well as my physcial body were enormous.  I then went on to study massage as well as colon hydrotherapy at the Chi Instititute (will be including that in my salon soon – If interested, please let me know).  I do believe that in order to have a happy life, we need to have balance and that is vital.  A Healthy awareness of our boides as well as our emotions and our minds.is such an essential key in our armoury.  As Jim Rohn says.  “look after your body, it is the only home you have to live in”  As life is a continuous learning process I have expanded my knowledge by attending courses on pain managent, deep tissue techniques, maternity reflexology as well, as stress management consultancy courses.

Self Confidence, Self Esteem, Self Respect, all begin with Self and here at Re-vitability I, Deborah through  massage or reflexology, or indeed even a simply body scrub or paraffin wax treatment, wish to create an environment of safety as well as nurturing self care.

The benefits of massage and reflexology are immense as for many clients, they are trapped inside there heads as thought patterns take over.    I have truly seen what looking after myself through these therapies has done for me and many of my friends and colleagues can testify to this too.

Whether you are someone who is learning what it means to look after yourself, or someone that has always done so but is looking for someone to support your excellent regime, I would like to think that there is something for you here at Re-Vitabilty.

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