Hand/Foot Treatments

Looking after those precious extremities.  We all know how disabling a cracked heel can feel especially when they are deep.  As well as nails that are not looked after can lead to difficulty in walking.  Let me help you in setting up a regime that will keep those hands and feet at there best!





  Create Your Own Therapeutic Hand or Foot Treatment 

The Ultimate in pampering where you select what you want and for how long you want it.! (Putting the treatment into your hands …….(or Feet) (This does not include nail polish)

 Choose from the following:- 

¨ Reflexology  (30/45/or 60 min)

¨ Foot/Hand Scrub and Soak (15 min)

¨ Foot/Hand Mask and Soak (15 min)

¨ Paraffin Wax Treatment to Feet or Hands (30 min)

¨ Nail Treatment to Hands or Feet (15 to 30 min depending on how much work needs to be done)

¨ Callus Removal (15 or 30 min depending on how much work is needed

per 15 min 10.00 Book Now

Callus Removal (Stand Alone Treatment)

Really just tired of that hard skin and ned a helping hand.  This treatment is the one for you.

30 min 25.00 Book Now



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