Looking after ourselves is an ongoing process, Well here at Re-vitability your vitality is our main aim and keeping you vital in your life is something of a priority. Prevention is better than cure! Give you or a loved one (or make a few hints) massages for a year (Either once ever 2 months or once a month).  Believing that we all have different needs, I am very happy to tailor a package that leaves you feeling good and more able to enjoy your own life.  Holistic packages upon request.

Treatment Package



Ultimate Back Pamper Package.
Treat your back to the ultimate experience.
  • Back Cleanse
  • Hydroactive  Scrub combined with armoatherapy oils creating a moisture rich treatment that will slough dull tired skin whilst nouring.  This is removed with warm aromatherapy towels prepaing you for a
  • Back Neck and Shoulder Massage
60 min
Relax and Get Connected Package

Get Back into your body with this wonderful package. Stress leaves us so often feeling disconnected from ourselves an almost out of body experience, now have an in body experience with this package, connecting with yourself as we go step by step through the following
                        Dry Body Brushing
Body Scrub
 Full Body Massage incl
  120 min

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